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-Dr. Seuss

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Title of poem means: I cultivate a white rose by Jose Marti

Paraphrase parts of the Poem: " cultivate a white rose In July as in January" meaning: I am kind all year. I give kindness..."

Connotation of some of the words – changing literal meaning to implied or associated values: "I cultivate...I cultivate" meaning I give kindness, I grow kindness in me and in others. It is something that  is distributed. "And for the cruel person that tears out" meaning to crush, and/or harm.

Attitude What is the attitude of the author, characters or yourself?: Attitude/tone is sincere

Shift At first we think or feel one way – then there is a shift:  identify the shifts and explain them: The shift happens in the second stanza. That is when it is spoken about the cruel person and how that does not differ the kind reaction and helping had that will be offered to them. 

Title revisited Any new insights on meaning or significance of title?: Cultivating is our morals what we have been taught, it is what we give and what we have worked to build. The color white signifies purity, and the rose represents beauty, nature, sensitivity. The title states that a white rose is cultivated and throughout the poem the reader is able to understand that though many can be cruel we should practice being kind and compassionate. 

Theme: Be kind to all, friends or not. 

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