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-Dr. Seuss

Thursday, May 1, 2014

For The Campesinos: Thank you for picking our daily bread

Today is International Worker's day...

Everyday I roll out of bed. I turn off my alarm clock lazily and turn on the lights. As I get ready for school I try to be as awake as possible. I go down the stairs and in to the kitchen, grab a snack, kiss my mom and out the door I go. Walk, walk, walk I go with my brother to my side. I wait for the bus...I get on the bus and sit next to Maria.

When I look out the window I see people with their backs to me. They are bending over picking the daily bread for us all. I see them running from one side to the next. Carrying boxes and picking frantically. I stare...I cannot believe my eyes.

I go to school, I study, and learn material, When I get back on the bus for my ride home and I look out the window...I see people with their backs to me. I see people sitting on the floor, eating their meals.  They sit on the dirt, right next to the soil they have spent tilling for minutes, hours, days, lifetimes. I stare. I have been in school for six hours. I have learned something new and have expanded my knowledge. They have sold some of their health away, they have shortened their years in life...

They pick the daily bread
I eat the daily bread 

They sit on the floor
I sit on a desk

They bend over
I stand tall 

They hold a fruit
I hold a pencil 

They work under the sun
I work under a roof

They feed a family
I am fed by my family

They are human
I am human

The injustice that the Campesinos go through each and every day does not have a name! I am disgusted by the way these human being are treated...

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