You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go.
-Dr. Seuss

Monday, September 16, 2013

VOC. #5

1)Obsequious: obedient, dutiful
Up until high school it had been quite easy to be obsequious to all the house rules.

2)Beatitude: exalted happiness
Annie admitted that she had never experienced of beatitude.

3)bete noire: disliked person or thing
Just like I find math to be very difficult so do many others; it is bête noire in our society.

4)bode: predict, announce before hand
As a young child Paul was taught to bode what was going to happen in the novels before he read them.

5)dank: moist, humid, damp
The car was so dank that my hands became sticky with sweat after a few minutes.

6)ecumenical: general, universal
The topic of education is a ecumenical topic.

7)fervid: enthusiasm, burning in spirit
After the church retreat Andrew felt a fervid feeling in his heart.

8)fetid: bad odor, stinky
After finishing his triathlon Nick could not fetid more.

9)gargantuan: gigantic, enormous
I strongly dislike people who make a gargantuan problem out of a small situation.

10)heyday: stage or period of success, strength, high spirits
By the time the homecoming game rally was finished the football players were in a heyday.

11)Incubus: evil spirit, nightmare
When people I do not know come out in my dreams they turn out to be incubus instead of dreams.

12)infrastructure: the underlying framework of a system
The infrastructure of the building needs to be figured out before we actually start the building.

13)inveigle: to entice by flattering talk
John tried to inveigle Betty to be his girlfriend, but she rejected him.

14)kudos: honor, glory
“Kudos to you for starting you Odyssey project on the first day”, I told her.

15)lagniappe: bonus, tip
If I were to work as a waitress I would be extra nice just so I can get a lagniappe.

16)prolix: long, wordy and unnecessary
Mr. Rec prohibited the students to make their thesis prolix, but encouraged them to have straightforward and clear thesis.

17)protégé: under patronage, protection
I am under the protégé of the United States of America.

18)prototype:  model or something that is used to illustrate
The prototype in our science class is tall and bony.

19)sycophant: self-seeking flatterer
He forgot about his family and decided to become a sycophant person.

20)tautology: needless repetition of something
Even though the Mr. Dine knew the class understood the concept and did not need tautology he kept talking about it.

21)truckle: passive, willingness, submissive
I was taught to not truckle to anything without giving a fight

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