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-Dr. Seuss

Monday, September 9, 2013

VOC. #4

1.Accolade: award, honor, laudatory notice
Marco’s final goal received accolades not only from his fans, but also from the newspaper and television the next day.
2.Acerbity: sourness, with roughness or astringency of taste
I had a really hard time swallowing the food on my plate, its acerbity made my throat itch.
3.Attrition: a reduction or decrease in numbers, size or strength
The boss decided to make an attrition on all of the employees monthly wage.
4.Bromide: flat, dull remark
I felt pity for the girl for she only came up with bromides in her argument.
5.Chauvinist: person aggressively and blindly patriotic
I find chauvinist people quite ignorant sometimes, because they are so focused on their own country.
6.Chronic: constant, habitual
Kelly does not like change she much rather enjoys her chronic life as it is.
7.Expound: state in detail, explain, and interpret
Mr. Leal really knew how to take a subject and expound it in a way that was so simple.
8.Factionalism: practice of a faction (group, clique within larger group)
Factionalism is a daily thing on a high school campus.
9.Immaculate: free from spot, pure, perfect
To many Catholics the Virgin Mary is seen as immaculate, because she is said to be born without sin.
10.Imprecation: curse, malediction
Sarah had never believed in imprecations, but after the scary movie she could not take her mind off them.
11.Ineluctable: incapable of being escaped, ignored or avoided
His bright yellow shoes flashed under the sun’s gleam that he was just ineluctable.
12.Mercurial: changeable
What I love about my house rules is that they are mercurial.
13.Palliate: to relieve, alleviate
The Advil was able to palliate the pain for a couple of hours before it came again.
14.Protocol: regulations and customs pertaining to diplomatic formality, etiquette
Sonny thought she knew about protocol until she met Josh.
15.Resplendent: shining, gleaming
She was completely in awe when he went down on one knee and presented her with the resplendent ring.
16.Stigmatize: to set a mark of disgrace, brand, and stigma upon something/someone
Many people have a tendency of quickly stigmatizing something they know very little of.
17.sub rosa: confidentially, secretly, and privately
There are many issues that are kept sub rosa by my parents.
18.Vainglory: vain, excessive pride over one’s achievements
Jake has so much vainglory and I t is really getting on my nerves.
19.Vestige: surviving evidence or remainder that is no longer present
The tablets of unknown language served as vestiges to the people of that town.
20.Volition: exercise of willing, choosing, resolving, etc.
People practice volition everyday.

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