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Saturday, September 7, 2013


“Different Nonetheless Heroes ”

            The hero should not be give a time period, so long as they were heroes once, they will be heroes forever. The man who leaves his life behind to protect the life of another is a hero. Beowulf earned his title as a hero because he fought for his people. Soldiers help maintain our freedom and peace. They are our modern heroes.
            The soldier symbolizes the ongoing peace and freedom that many countries are able to practice each day. The soldier is able to voluntarily enlist. He/She does not seek to alter their ego, but simply to keep our everyday practices alive. Like Beowulf and his “…mightiest…bravest and best…” men, Soldiers fight in troops. They are not afraid of protecting the people for they are highly trained to do what they do. On the other hand Beowulf symbolizes the Danish communities and how they lived. He was all they had to capture their time.
            Beowulf and the soldier are similar characters in that they willingly fight for what is right while protecting others. The irony that ties these heroes together is the fact that both may be accused of having a sense of bravado to them. In Beowulf it is the characters and the readers that are debating whether or not he is cocky or simply confident. That debating specially came up when Beowulf decided to fight the monster without armor. As for a soldier there are often times where people address that some soldiers are cocky. Is it confidence? Did all their victories go too deep into their heads? It is safe to assume that Beowulf was willing to fight not only because he wanted to protect the people, but also because he had a name to live up to. His father was the great and respected King so we (the readers) know that some influence came from that alone. Many times it occurs that if someone in the family has served or is serving in the military there is a desire or expectation to do the same, to follow the tradition.
Despite the time and era difference between Beowulf and a soldier they are both heroes. They are heroes of different times, Beowulf orally told in the years of 500 to 1100. On the other hand the soldier is well known and traced many battles and wars back. Many traits unite these familiar characters, but one unites them and that is the will to fight and protect their people. 


  1. Hi Erica:)
    I had a little trouble clearly identifying your thesis. But I believe this was it :
    "Beowulf earned his title as a hero because he fought for his people. Soldiers help maintain our freedom and peace. They are our modern heroes."
    I really liked the ideas you had but next time I would suggest to make just one clear sentance restating the prompt and declaring what your body paragraphs are about.

    I really liked the hero you choose, it was very relateable for many people. Your use of rhetorical questioning was also very enjoyable.
    Great Job:)

  2. Hey girl! As Mia stated before me, I did have trouble figuring out what your thesis was, but as I read along all the information tied together. You presented good thoughts on a modern hero, I liked the fact you compared Beowulf to a soldier. You proved that a hero does not only come from the pages of fantasy, but are present in reality! Kudos :)

  3. Erica, I really enjoyed how you compared Beowulf to a soldier, when provided with this prompt I didnt think about characters that werent superheroes. As stated by Miranda and Mia, finding your thesis in the introduction was a little tricky. Even though I couldnt find a clear thesis I personally could still understand your main idea.Your thoughts were very clear! Great essay!

  4. Erica! I also had a hard time identifying your thesis statement. However, you had very good points and ideas. I love the fact that you chose a soldier as your modern hero. Good job girl!

  5. Thank you so much girls. I will take your help and suggestions for my next essay. Sorry for any misunderstandings