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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brazil's 2014 WORLD CUP: The Killing of OUR world's people

Soccer is my favorite sport, and has been ever since I was a young child. I remember taking on the nickname of Ronaldinha (a girl version of one of the world's best soccer players Ronaldinho) because I was really "good" in elementary school. Though I never played on a team I can say that I grew up with soccer and have a genuine love for it. I have always enjoyed the beautiful game and most recently  have become a little obsessed with it and its all-star players. I mean hasn't every one? It is the World Cup 2014 for crying out loud!! I have been keeping up with many matches. Sacrificing sleep and waking up at 9A.M (during summer that is early) to watch my favorite teams and players show their skills on the pitch...

Though I am a fan
I am also a human being
I like to think of myself as a kind human being
as an aware and caring human being
aa a human being that sheds light on actions and events that are inhumane...

We have all been blinded by the beautiful game!

So cheers to Brazil's world cup that has stains of red and of innocent blood on their hands.

*I have read a couple of articles that I think are worth sharing. Knock yourself out.

1. Danish Journalist calls for Boycott of World Cup

Jutland Station-The Region From A Global Perspective:

Freelance Danish journalist, Mikkel Keldorf has attracted a lot of media attention in both the Danish and Brazilian press this week after writing on his blog that the Brazilian authorities have launched a ‘cleaning’ operation to ready the capital for the World Cup. According to Politiken, Keldorf claims that this ‘cleaning’ includes, among other things, forced relocation and military operations in residential areas which kill street children thus ‘cleaning’ the city.
Keldorf has been living and working in Rio de Janeiro for six months now in preparation for the World Cup which is just over two months away. But he has now decided to leave and boycott the finals in protest of these alleged ‘cleaning’ operations.
He wrote on his blog and on Facebook, “Min VM-billet har blodstænk fra gadebørn” which translates roughly as “my World Cup ticket is covered in the blood of street children.”
Amnesty International confirmed that death squads in Brazil have been known to target street children and others. But according to DR Nyheder, the organisation has not documented an increase in the lead-up to the World Cup so cannot recommend a boycott.


2. 'In Brazil they kill street children to clean up cities and make a good impression for the World Cup'


Jensen, a freelance journalist, dreamt of covering the FIFA World Cup, "the best sport in the world", in Brazil, "a wonderful country". But the dream has become a nightmare since the Dane decided to travel to the South American country months in advance.

Mikkel was in Fortaleza, which he described as "the most violent city" of all those hosting World Cup matches, and he was struck by what he saw. Indeed, horrified by what he saw. So much so that he's decided to abandon his dream of covering the World Cup as a journalist.

And he explains his reasons in a horrifying report published on his Facebook profile:

"For two and a half years I've dreamt of covering the World Cup in Brazil. The best sport in the world in a wonderful country. I came up with a plan, I went to Brazil to study, I learned Portuguese and I was ready to head back.
And in September 2013 I went back. The dream was about to become a reality. But now, two months before the World Cup party, I've decided that I can't stick it out any longer. The dream has become a nightmare."
Y explica las razones en un espeluznante relato publicado en su perfil de Facebook:

I spent five months documenting the repercussions of hosting the World Cup in Brazil. There are so many: refurbishment, armed forces and military police in local communities, corruption, social projects being abandoned... I found that all of the projects and changes you see in Brazil are because of people like me - a foreigner, and an international journalist. I'm being exploited to make a good impression.


In Fortaleza I met Allison, a 13 year old boy who lives on the city streets. A kid with a really tough life. He had nothing but a packet of peanuts. When we met, he gave me everything he had - the peanuts. This kid, who doesn't have a thing, offered the only thing of value he had to a foreigner carrying cameras worth $10,000 and a MasterCard in his wallet. Incredible.

But his life is in danger because of people like me. He runs risk of becoming the next victim of the cleansing being carried out in the city of Fortaleza.

I can't cover this event after finding out that the cost of the World Cup is the highest ever, not only in financial terms, but also I'm convinced that the cost of hosting the World Cup also includes the lives of children.


3. "En Brasil matan por la noche a niños de la calle para limpiar las ciudades y dar buena imagen en el mundial"


Jensen, periodista freelancesoñaba con cubrir el Mundial de fútbol, "el mejor deporte del mundo", en Brasil, "un país maravilloso". Pero el sueño ha mutado en pesadilla después de que el danés decidiese viajar con unos meses de antelación al país suramericano.
Mikkel estuvo en Fortaleza, para él "la ciudad más violenta" de todas las que serán sedes del torneo, y regresó impresionado. Horrorizado, más bien. Tanto que ha decidido renunciar a ese sueño de acudir como periodista al Mundial.
Y explica las razones en un espeluznante relato publicado en su perfil de Facebook:
"Desde hace casi dos años y medio llevo soñando con cubrir el Mundial de Brasil. El mejor deporte del mundo en un país maravilloso. Hice un plan,me fui a estudiar a Brasil, aprendí portugués y estaba preparado para volver.
Y en septiembre de 2013 volví. El sueño se iba a cumplir. Pero hoy, dos meses antes de la fiesta de la Copa del Mundo, he decidido que no voy a seguir aquí. El sueño se ha convertido en una pesadilla.
 A menudo, los matan por la noche, cuando están durmiendo en una zona donde hay muchos turistas. ¿Por qué? ¿Para dejar limpia la ciudad para los extranjero y la prensa internacional? O sea, ¿por mi culpa?
En Fortaleza conocí a Allison, 13 años, que vive en las calles de la ciudad. Un chaval con una vida muy dura. Él no tenía nada, sólo un paquete de cacahuetes. Cuando nos conocimos él me dio todo lo que tenía, los cacahuetes. Este niño, que no tiene nada, ofreció la única cosa de valor que tenía a un extranjero que llevaba cámaras por valor de 10.000 dólares y una tarjeta Master Card en el bolsillo. Increíble.
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