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-Dr. Seuss

Sunday, May 4, 2014


This "DREAM" that so many Latinos yearn for and would leave everything behind for has become more and more impossible. The conditions that these people have to go through are heart breaking, inhumane, and yet they move forward...They are the definition of determination, persistence, and resilience...When crossing the border from Central America to Mexico and then the United States, or from Mexico to the United States their stories go unheard of, their bodies lost on the way, and eventually they become invisible...They are LOS INVISIBLES.

A special thanks to Marc Silver & Gael Garcia Bernal for the documented videos that open our eyes to the immigrants' stories. 

Los Invisibles:

La Vida De Las Mujeres Migrantes:

More Videos on the YouTube channel: The Invisibles, Amnesty-

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