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-Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


My masterpiece has taken a slight turn...from compassion to "The Social Injustice Of The Campesinos." When I see something that is not just I get all riled up and angry inside. For years I have witnessed the unfairness of the labor and conditions of the Campesinos (farm workers). I am disgusted by the way they are exploited day-in and day-out. Just today on my ride home on the bus I saw about ten workers sitting on the dirt floor taking a break from the backbreaking work. ON THE FLOOR! This is one of many injustices that the campesinos have been put through. The pay sucks, the conditions are horrendous, and the threats that come if you do not conform are always kept on the down low. MY MASTERPIECE is going to be a short video that documents parts of the life of a campesino. Here is a picture of my  messy outline:

If I had all day to work on this masterpiece like Shakespeare had all day to work on his masterpiece work of literature I would be such a happy camper! I would most likely be able to film more footage, and spend more time discussing these problems with the campesinos. 

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