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-Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


My masterpiece revolves around Compassion and how people view it and practice it. As I went around the room I found myself making connections very quickly with my peers. 

Nakesha is doing her masterpiece on living but not existing. I found this to fit in perfectly into Compassion. As David Foster Wallace mentioned in his speech "This Is Water" we are the fish in the water not knowing what water is. We are so caught up in our world, we are so worried about living that we do not remember to actually exist. We do not remember to actually practice compassion. 

Kendall is working with Rachel and Becky for her masterpiece on Body Image. I find this topic can also be easily tied into compassion, because it relates to learning how to love yourself just the way you are and your body. I believe that we as a society need to be more understanding and compassionate about how we portray body image. If the world were more understanding about this pressing issue maybe we would have less girls with eating disorders!

Kylie and many others are working on their living scrapbook masterpiece. Their goal is to have fun, do things that they might have missed out on in the past, and make great memories with each other. I think this project captures a bit about what compassion is about because each week one person is going to teach the group how to do something for example surfing...etc. Kylie also mentioned that on their blog/website they will be posting quotes, pictures, and motivational things. These uplifting acts are certainly part of being a compassionate person. 

Lindsey and others are working on blowing stuff up! That sounds a little dangerous and totally irrelevant to compassion, but it is not to quite off. In fact Lindsey and her group will be practicing compassion.  Her group and her know and understand how tough and stressful this year has been. By acknowledging this fact they are practicing compassion. Together they want to feel better and get rid of their stress by blowing watermelons up and just having a good time together. is in there. 

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