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-Dr. Seuss

Monday, September 23, 2013

vocabulary #6

1.Obsequious: showing servile compliance, obedience
After countless rounds of arguing I turned from resistant to obsequious.
2.Beatitude: exalted happiness
Sarah experienced beatitude when her mom told her she would be having a baby boy.
3.bete noire: disliked person or thing
I would rather have a bête noire against something rather than a hatred against something.
4.bode: give a hint to what’s to come
My dad gave me a bode about my birthday present when asking me what kind of phone I wanted.
5.dank: moist, humid, damp
The rocks were so dank that Riley fell and hurt her ankle right away.
6.ecumenical: universal, general
Same sex marriage is an ecumenical topic.
7.fervid: enthusiastic, burning in spirit
Kyle’s has such a fervid and enjoyable personality that makes everyone want to be his friend.
8.fetid: bad odor
After exercising my body releases a fetid smell.
9.gargantuan: gigantic
Ana decided to throw a gargantuan birthday party for her 21st birthday.
10.heyday: stage or period of high spirits
My heyday will come when I receive my first college acceptance.
11.incubus: nightmare
I had a huge incubus that I got rejected to all the colleges I applied to.
12.infrastructure: framework of a system
The architect made sure to create an infrastructure before starting to work.
13.inveigle: manipulate
Annie’s parents tried to inveigle her to marry Chris.
14.kudos: honor, props
I give kudos to all of the people who are intelligent and not cocky.
15.lagniappe: bonus, tip
The waiter got a lagniappe for commenting on his guest’s outfit.
16.prolix: long, wordy or unnecessary
Lectures are often prolix, while classroom discussions are not.
17.protégé: protection, under patronage
Nobody dared to hurt Andrew because  he was under the protégé of King Arthur.
18.prototype: model used to illustrate
Mr. VP used the skeleton as a prototype to explain the body.
19.sycophant: self-seeking flatterer
Eric the sycophant asked Pearl on a dance just because she was rich and pretty.
20.tautology: saying something twice in a different way
Dr. Preston often uses tautology in order to get his point across.
21.truckle: to submit tamely
Fluffy decided to truckle to spot by giving him the bone.
22.accolade: award, honor w/ laudatory notice
The football announcer gave an accolade about Beckham on national television.
23.acerbity: astringency in taste, bitter
The kiwi had an acerbity to it that made me sick to my stomach.
24.attrition: reduction in numbers, size or strength
Sadly, Bob and I got an attrition on our pay checks.
25.bromide: flat dull remark
He was so young and ignorant that all he came up with in arguments were bromides.
26.chauvinist: aggressively or blindly patriotic
It is good to be patriotic, but not chauvinist
27.chronic: constant, habitual
Everything makes so much sense when in chronic order.
28.expound: to explain or interpret in detail
In order for me to understand math I need it to be explained in an expound way.
29.factionalism: practice of faction (group within a larger group.)
High schools are probably the most popular users of factionalism.
30.immaculate: pure, free from spot
It is hard to believe that immaculate people exist in this world we live in today.
31.imprecation: malediction, curse
I have never really believed in imprecations.
32.ineluctable: incapable of being ignored or avoided
His bright pink suit and tie were ineluctable at the black and white prom.
33.mercurial: changeable
I am so glad that majors are mercurial in college.
34. palliate: to alleviate
Advil always palliates my back pains.
35.protocol: official procedure or system of rules
Mr. Rucker assigned us to read the protocol on the lab in order to know what was going on.
36.resplendent: shining, gleaming
Andie left the car resplendent after giving it a second wash.
37.stigmatize: to brand a stigma upon someone/something
It is a sad thing to find out about something through a stigma.
38.sub rosa: done in secret
All of my journals are in sub rosa.
39.vainglory: excessive pride in own achievements
He is the most vainglorious, stuck up, annoying person I have ever met.
40.vestige: surviving evidence of something no longer existing
My mother handed me down my grandpa’s personal journal which I consider an important vestige.
41.volition: exercising/choosing one’s will.
I left the meeting by my own volition. 

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