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Monday, August 26, 2013

Vocabulary #2 Definitions + Sentences

1. accoutrements: personal clothing, accessories
I told Ana that Kim wanted cute and colorful accoutrements for her birthday.

2. apogee: the highest or most distant point, climax
The apogee of “Pride and Prejudice” is when Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth.

3. apropos: fitting, at the right time
Everything was going just smoothly and apropos until Tim had to ruin it and come late.

4. bicker: to engage in a querulous argument
My parents really get angry when my siblings and I bicker about lame things.

5. coalesce: to grow together or into one body
When people get married I like to think that they become coalesce.

6. contretemps: inopportune occurrence, embarrassing moment
I have a list of contretemps, but the worst was when I accidently wore my brother’s pants.

7. convolution: coiled condition, twist
When designing the ring the jeweler had to convolute the steel.

8. cull: to choose, select, pick
Kim culled Ana to be on her soccer team.

9. disparate: distinct in kind, essentially different
Although they have disparate minds they found a way to come up with only one conclusion.

10. dogmatic: pertaining to, inflexible
Tim thought his idea was so great and dogmatic that he stared down anyone with any oppositions of any kind.

11. licentious: libertine, unrestrained
I always tend to question if licentious people have strict morals.

12. mete: to distribute, apportion
I’d rather have a teacher that metes his attention to each student than to have a teacher with favorites.

13. noxious: harmful to physical/well being
Drugs and alcohol are noxious.

14. polemic: a controversial argument, as one against some opinion
The topic of abortion has become pretty polemic throughout the years.

15. populous: heavily populated
China is a populous place.

16. probity: honesty, uprightness
In my opinion Probity is the best policy.

17. repartee: quick witty reply
Erin answered his mom with a repartee after she threatened to take his electronics if he didn’t clean his room.

18. supervene: implied event or action, to take place as something additional
The Mariachi was a big surprise and supervene at the party.

19. truncate: to shorten, cut short
Students are often looking to truncate any assignment or process.

20. unimpeachable: impeccable, impossible to discredit, entirely trustworthy
I refuse to consider the dictionary as an unimpeachable source because there is so many of them. 

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