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-Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Poetry Assignment #1

1.                 1. The poem in this commercial is “The Laughing Heart” by Charles Bukowski

2. The use of the poem is inappropriate for a corporation to use because corporations only offer you what they want you to see. They keep you ignorant and in the dark about their corporation secrets and how they run things. For all they care is that the you (the consumer) buys their products. We are unaware of the wages and conditions the employees are under. We must find that light and not so much be influenced my society, but be the influence and find some light.

3. Bukowski’s had his fair share of difficult times in his life. His difficulties/obstacles lead him to be known as a “hard-drinking, womanizing, tough-talking man.” Bukowski’s character and reputation are well present in the poem, because he talks about being in the dark and accepting his dull life. Throughout the poem he constantly encourages others to not give up hope because there is light out there for everyone. He is putting this advice forth from his past experiences.

4. I found the answer to #1 by typing in the first two lines of the poem on  Google. (
To answer #3 I searched up “Charles Bukowski” on Google and found a timeline on his life. I also searched his name up on eNotes which gave me more information on the kind of author he was.


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